8 Reasons Why Women Need more Sleep than Men

Women need more sleep than men. No, really; no matter how you spin it, research shows that men and women are biologically designed to need different amounts of sleep.
Current research shows that women need an average of twenty to thirty minutes more of sleep each night than men. And while women need more sleep, research also shows that most women aren’t getting the rest they need.

Sleep is essential to a woman’s wellbeing. Understanding why they need more sleep and why many women are missing out one needed rest is paramount. But why do women need that extra sleep? And is this claim even true?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that young adults and adults aged 26 to 64 years get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a day. The average older adult (over 64 years) needs to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a day. Teenagers require around 9 to 10 hours while school-aged kids and preschoolers need even more. But as research is now uncovering, there may be more to your sleep needs than just your age. Gender too can be important when it comes to determining how much sleep is enough for you. And yes, this seems to be a battle women win hands down!

Women are said to require an average of 20 minutes more sleep than men. But what makes the fairer sex need more time in bed? As it turns out, it is a combination of the need for more minutes of sleep and the higher degree of poor sleep women experience compared to men. The latter results in a need for women to play catch up – for the sleep lost or disturbed due to various reasons.

So here are the 8 reasons:

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